Distortion from left speaker

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Distortion from left speaker

I'm starting to hear some distortion coming from my left speaker. Is it time to buy a new one?

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Re: Distortion from left speaker

Hold on, @An. Don't jump to conclusions. Did you make sure the speaker wire was connected tightly at both the speaker and your amplifier or receiver? Did you try swapping the speaker wires to see if the distortion stays in the same channel or moves? Did you try swapping the input cable to see if if the distortion stays in the same channel? There could be a number of causes ranging from a bad connection, to your receiver, to your source, and certainly including your speaker. But I wouldn't assume that is the problem. I would carefully make changes, one item at a time. The first change would be to swap your speaker wires between your left and right channel. If the distortion moves, you know it is not the speaker, but some component upstream. Be methodical in your testing and you should be able to isolate the problem.