Bowers & Wilkins speakers

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Bowers & Wilkins speakers

I hear a lot about Bowers & Wilkins speakers, but they seem so expensive. Are they really worth the money?


Re: Bowers & Wilkins speakers

That is hard to answer for another person. I don't know what is important to you. Will they sound great? That I can answer,  although even in that case, there are dependencies such as the size and make up of your room, along with the electronics you have to support these speakers. The same speakers will sound different in different rooms, with different sound treatment and with different amplifiers or receivers. That said, a quality speaker, which is what B&W makes, will likely still sound really good, even if you are not getting the most out of them. But whether that difference is worth it to you, @StellaSimpson compared to any other way you might spend those same dollars, I can't really say.