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The optimal height to mount your flat screen will vary depending on the distance you will be watching the TV from, the room layout, and whether you’ll be sitting, standing or laying down while watching TV. But because no setup is alike, we recommend you sit or stand where you plan to watch and place post-it notes on the wall to denote the edges of the TV. Once you’ve found a position that is comfortable for your neck, you’ve found the optimal height for your situation. Note that most people mount their TV too high, such that they are looking upward at their TV. This is to be avoided as it will cause neck strain.


Here are some tips for common installation scenarios…

For most living room installations where you will be sitting while watching, the center of the TV will usually be 3-4 feet from the floor. Low Profile MOunts will function well in this setting, as you will be looking at the TV directly at eye level. However, if you prefer the look of a higher installation or if you’re mounting over a fireplace, you will need a Tilting TV Mount. Tilting mounts will allow you to point the TV downward so you can still view the TV easily. The average height for most tilting mount scenarios is four to five feet off the floor.


If you think you’ll be watching TV from various angles (such as lying down in bed or standing up from various points a room), you should consider a Swivel TV Mount, as these mounts not only tilt downward but swivel left and right as well. Swivel mounts are also best for business or office environments where space is limited. Swivel mounts also provide the greatest flexibility to adapt to an ever changing environment. If you decide to re-model or change your store/business setup you can rest assured these mounts are fully adjustable and will not require moving. Like the Tilt TV Mounts, Swivel mounts will also typically be mounted about four to give feet from the floor.