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[Filter:Positive Posts] HaileyB's post body matched "\bfavorite\b", board "headphones".

[Filter:Positive Posts] HaileyB's post body matched "\bfavorite\b", board "headphones".

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I hated having to take my phone out of my pocket all the time to take a call, or from a holster. I really wasn't sure what bluetooth device made it easier to answer calls simpler. I have always heard of Bose devices being top of the line with good sound and quality. I have Acme wireless speaker set for music and I'm a fan favorite for its rich sound quality. I researched the Acme bluetooth headset after seeing it in stores and having a need for a device to answer calls conveniently on the go. Knowing the standards of Acme quality I wanted to stick with a company with a good rep. I tried it out and I'm well pleased with it. It is also good that it doesn't go over the ear, making it difficult with sunglasses. Fits great and sound is great. Four stars is just because I haven't had it too long thats all. I hope to have it long with no problems, which I'm sure I won't.

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