Help with Speaker arrangements

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Help with Speaker arrangements

I recently got a pair of speakers, and am realizing there's a whole world of setup details related to speaker placement and how that plays into the setup of the sound stage.  Is there a set of general rules around setup guidelines?  Distance between speakers, distance from the listener, or are we talking about basic trial and error?

I understand it likely has to do with the make of the speakers, and the general setup of the system as a whole...but looking for some places to start.


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Re: Help with Speaker arrangements

Most surround recievers have an automatic equalization function.  Just put the speakers in a convenient location, put a microphone at your listening position, and let the receiver equalize for your particular room!! 

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Re: Help with Speaker arrangements

Hmmm, I'm guessing since you said you got a "pair" of speakers, the last post wasn't really helpful.  A couple of rules of thumb, since the devil is in details you didn't post:
- Make sure the speakers are an equal distance from your listening position; otherwise you throw off the soundstage image.
- The closer they are to a wall, the boomier the bass will be; if you put them a couple of feet out you'll have much tighter bass

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Re: Help with Speaker arrangements

Great question, rhapsody... I just got some way zippin' new speakers and need some tips too.


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Re: Help with Speaker arrangements

Response 2 made a couple of pretty good points, but I'll amplify a little bit:

* Try some different positions with respect to the back wall - experiment by moving it closer and further away, you'll be able to hear what position you prefer
* Remember that side walls contribute just as much to loose bass performance as the back wall, so try to be a couple of feet into the room on each side
* I generally start with a more  or less equilateral triangle with the speakers and listening position, but by all means experiment.  Trust your ears.
* For a much more complete treatment of speaker placement, you might take a look at

I hope this helps and hope you enjoy your new gear!