Elite 7600 bluetooth Speakers

WHen will these be avalible in Blue?  I saw them in blue at a recent show.  Thx!




Connect the telephone line to the two outside terminals and the
shield, if used, to the center terminal. TEL input signal will trigger
automatic muting of AUX 1 and AUX 2. Input impedance is 600-ohm
and is transformer balanced. Input is for "Dry" audio signals only,
no DC voltage on the signal.
Output Connections
Speakers, General
The amplifier may be used with most conventional speaker
systems. Connect one speaker lead to the screw terminal that
corresponds to the impedance of the type of speakers used in
the system and the other lead to the COM terminal. If the line is
shielded, connect the shield to GND.
Connecting the GND to the COM terminal when using the
transformer-coupled outputs references the transformer output
to ground. Disconnecting the GND terminal from COM allows
the transformer output to float electrically. This is sometimes
useful under certain conditions where a ground connection is
undesirable. It is generally a good idea to short the GND to the

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