How can I set up my Marantz for surround sound?

How can I set up my Marantz for surround sound?

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I've got a decent setup, Samsung 50" Smart TV, Marantz AV7005 Pre Amp, and Macintosh loudspeakers. Any advice on how I can improve this set up?








You don't need a surround sound amplifier to improve the quality of sound while you watch TV. Simply by connecting a pair of interconnects to the line outputs of your DVD, TV or VCR to a spare pair of line inputs on your hi-fi system, you can dramatically enhance your viewing pleasure. For even better sound, follow steps 2 and 3 below.





My girlfriend and I both received the Hifi X10s for Christmas and mine simply do not sound as good as hers...what gives?




This is another post that may help you




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Hi, Question - how does one pick TV sizes for a room? Thanks, Uday





Here is how:


1.  determine size of room

2. determine size of viewing area


look at article below.



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