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[Filter:Positive Posts] TonyManero's post body matched "\blike\b", board "091312_Disco_Fans".

[Filter:Positive Posts] TonyManero's post body matched "\blike\b", board "091312_Disco_Fans".

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I think part of Vince's impeccable editorial authority was his ethic of critical distance, which he never betrayed, even though producers, artists and label people became close to him personally. He never shilled for any record or anybody, and never thought the movement itself was above scrutiny about its musical direction, though he knew very well when outside criticism was made in bad faith. That said, the definitive "whooo!" to me will always be the one one in that building turnaround of "Brazil," which Jacques Morali was evidently so proud of that he chose it for the snippet of "Brazil" in the "Best Disco in Town" medley that lasts only a few bars. The one I really like is at the very top of the chorus of Su Kramer's non-pop-charter "You've Got the Power," timed to add to that rising wall of sound just as the title emerges, like a spectacular breaker on the beach.[added later: Or a glitter/confetti cannon going off over the floor.] I wish I had a long version of this tune in digital, but I have not had the opportunity to have it searched in the Teldec tape vault. I have a Su Kramer compilation with the German version, "Hier ist das Leben," and I made a needle-drop of the US 45 instrumental B-side. The nightly "Disco 102" show made a simple and very good edit which they used on air a lot.

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