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Post Subject: Re: Optimal Height for 3D TV

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These are the main issues you need to consider when you are placing your new 3D TV.


3D TV Viewing Issues


Three main issues that consumers encounter when watching 3D are: reduction in brightness, "ghosting" (also referred to as crosstalk), and motion blur.


1. Brightness: The reduction in brightness is the result of having to view 3D images through either Active Shutter or Passive Polarized 3D Glasses. This can reduce the brightness of the incoming images up to 50%.


2. Ghosting/Crosstalk: This occurs when the left and right eye images are not synched exactly with the LCD shutters or polarized filters in 3D glasses. What happens is that an object(s) in an image appears to have a duplicate image that looks like a halo or ghost around the actual object.


3. Motion Blur: Another problem is that when objects move fast across the screen, the objects may seem blurry or stutter more than they might do on 2D source material. However, despite these issues, there is practical action you can take that may minimize these issues without calling in a tech guru.

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