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A system built from separate components gives you the best possible home theater sound, but also generally requires the most space. These systems typically involve between five and seven small to large speakers, depending on the individual system. You'll also need a subwoofer, a home theater receiver, and a disc player (like a DVD or Blu-ray player). And keep in mind that you'll need to run wires across your room to hook up your surround speakers.


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  • Ely Quaid is a Business Analyst for Hi-tech Technology start-ups and also an occasional guest writer for Stereophile and The Absolute Sound. He's been a Hi-Fi hobbyist since he was 5 years old, when he chipped on his first teach reel-to-reel player. In his non-work life, he coaches women's basketball. He loves a fine quatro formag grilled cheese with a glass of pinot grigio.