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Clearwell Collector

The EV Collector removes the need for the two step collection process that existed in the past where it 
was necessary to first search and export the data from Enterprise Vault to PST files, and then collect the 
data into Clearwell to process, analyze, review and produce. With the new integration, this is now a more 
streamlined process to collect directly from EV; reducing the time taken and reducing complexity and the 
risk of data loss or corruption (which is an inherent risk of using large PST files).
Clearwell also provides the ability to perform collections from many different sources. Each of the sources 
can be included into a single collection set which is added to the case. As shown in Figure 1, with the 
introduction of EV Collector, this includes Enterprise Vault as a source. This streamlines the ability to 
collect for investigative or litigation needs; once the data is collected from all the sources in the task, all 
the content is processed and analyzed and made available to the legal team to cull the data as a 
complete data set instead of having to try to collect and manage separate sources, process, analyze, 
review and produce separately. 
Additional features included as part of the EV collection feature, include the ability to actively select 
specific archives to collect from, and filter the collection content (during the search phase) to provide a 
more focused data collection. This helps reduce the collection times, data storage required, and most
importantly the time to process and review.

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