Car Amp Installation

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Car Amp Installation

I just need the basic steps... How do you install a car amp?

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Re: Car Amp Installation

You need to run a power wire from your battery to your amp, and then run a gound.  You also need to run the remote wire from your radio – this will make your amp turn on.  Then run your speaker wires to the amp.  Then run the outs to speakers. This should get you started anyway...  good luck!  Percy

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Re: Car Amp Installation

Here are a few other helpful tips on that amp installation:


  • Run a power wire from the battery to the amp.  Put a fuse no farther than 8 inches away when you attached the power to the battery.

  • Run another wire wire the same gage as your power line to an unpainted, sanded metal bolt for your ground wire.

  • Find the remote or power antenna wire coming from your desk and run a wire from that to the remote on your amp so it will turn on when your deck turns on.

  • Run RCAs from your deck's line out into your amp and then normal speaker wire from the amp to the speakers that you want to power.

  • Make sure you store your amp in an area in the car that stays cool so it doesn't overheat in the summer. Good locations include:
    • On the firewall (passenger side).
      Pros: Short wires and patch cords required. You won't have to remove a seat or climb into the trunk.
      Cons: Only very small amps fit here. Closer to some common noise sources.

    • In the trunk or hatch area.
      Pros: Plenty of room for large amps. Near the rear speakers.
      Cons: You sacrifice some cargo space. Longer wires and patch cords required. If working in the trunk, tape over the latch, so you won't get trapped inside accidentally.

    • Under a seat.
      Pros: Closer to the receiver, so you can use shorter patch cables and signal cables, which are less prone to noise and signal degradation.Closer to the front speakers, so running wire to them will be easier. No cargo space sacrificed.
      Cons: You may have to remove the seat to do the installation. Warning: removing your seat could deactivate your SRS system. Larger amps might not fit. You must elevate the amp to avoid contact with water from rain or snow brought in on passengers' shoes.
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